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The Myers-Briggs (MBTI)® and the Strong®

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The most popular and well known "Assessments" in the world are the Myers-Briggs and the Strong.

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Michael T. Robinson
Founder -
MBTI Certified Master Practitioner
Strong Trained & Certified
Career Transition Coach Trained & Certified

The Myers Briggs is used in a wide range of applications:

  • Increasing one's self awareness and understanding of one's self
  • Insights into why you are like you are
  • Better understanding of why other people are like they are
  • Team building
  • Leadership development
  • Executive coaching
  • Career coaching, career direction
  • Relationships

The Strong Interest Inventory is focused on careers:

  • Career direction
  • Career decisions, including college majors and vocational choices
  • Career development
  • Career related self awareness and understanding
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Both the Myers-Briggs and the Strong are owned by Consulting Psychologists Press (CPP) who tightly regulates the training, certification, and delivery of these instruments. Only certified practitioners / consultants can offer these two assessments.

That's where I come in...

I've been trained and certified on the MBTI since 2004, and later, after years of hands on experience I earned the "Master Practitioner" level which requires advanced studies and actual practical application.

For the Strong, I was certified in 2011, although way back in 1999, I created our own Career Interest Test, which was our first product at

The Assessments

Sorry, due to our work load we are no longer offering the MBTI and the Strong

The MBTI is an online assessment that will take ~20 minutes. Over 26 different reports can be generated from a single MBTI assessment. We offer only the most popular reports.

The online Strong assessment will also take about 20 minutes and can generate as many as 13 different reports. Again we offer only the most popular reports.

For the ethical reasons mentioned above, we won't email your report until the day of the interpretive session.

The Interpretive Session

For ethical and accuracy reasons CPP insists that each report is interpreted by a trained and certified consultant. That's me.

The interpretation session can be done over the phone, Skype, or similar method. The cost is included in the cost of the reports.

I know many of our customers just want to read their report and not have to talk to anyone. That's how I was when I first took the MBTI years ago. I did my best to avoid the consultant. After all, I'm an introvert.

There are very good reasons why CPP insists these reports are interpreted. The MBTI can at times provide the wrong personality type. There are many things in your life that can throw off the test results: stress, work situations, relationship problems, fatigue, intentional manipulation etc. Thus it's up to me to help you make sure we have your correct personality type.

The Strong on the other hand is rarely wrong. It has a built-in internal self check to make sure the assessment came out OK and was not manipulated by the test taker in anyway. However the Strong reports can be complicated and do require some explanation. Again, that's what I do.

Here is How It Works

  1. Once you place your order for any of the Myers-Briggs or Strong reports listed below, you will be given links to take the assessments, using our account on CPP's web site. You can also log back in to any time. Those links will be in your account.
  2. When you complete an assessment, CPP will send us an email.
  3. Within one to two business days, I will contact you personally by email, to set up a time for the interpretive session.
  4. I then log into CPP's web site and run your reports. Then I review them.
  5. Prior to our session, I will email your reports so you can read them.

If you want your results right now, use these instruments instead:

Our online Career Interest Test will provide your Holland Code and will show you the careers that match your interests and those careers you might want to avoid. Plus it will explain why. All at a simple reading level. It takes 15 minutes and you will get your Career Interest Report just seconds after that.

Our Free Personality Type Test will help you discover what your 4 letter Personality Type is. It takes about 15 minutes, and it is FREE.

Our Advanced Personality Type Career Report will explain your 4 letter type and show you which careers are a match and which to avoid. It will also explain what you values might be and what type of work environment is a good fit.

Our 3 Best Myers-Briggs and Strong Reports in One Package

Item: CPP-1022

If you are looking for career direction as well as maximum personal growth and self awareness, this is the package for you. It includes what we think are the 3 most useful reports available:

  • The Strong Interpretive Report (CPP-1008)
  • The Myers-Briggs Step II Interpretive Report (CPP-1002)
  • The Myers-Briggs Career Report (CPP-1004)

You will take both the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Assessment and the Strong Interest Inventory Assessment.

The Strong will show you which careers match your interests.

The Myers-Briggs Interpretive report will provide your 4 letter Personality Type code - INTJ, ISTP, INTP, ENTP etc, plus a detailed description including the facets of your type. This goes way beyond your 4 letter type.

The Myers-Briggs Career Report will show you which careers have been proven to be a good fit for your personality type.

Customers who buy this package are usually looking for two things:

  • Career direction, and ideas about which careers might be a good fit and why
  • Personal growth, self awareness and a deeper understanding of one's self

These are the three most powerful reports. It doesn't get any better. There is nothing else beyond this, except 1 on 1 career counseling.


MBTI Assessment + Step II Interpretive Report

Item: CPP-1002

This is the single most comprehensive and powerful MBTI® report available today

  • Includes your 4 letter Personality Type code - INTJ, ISTP, INTP, ENTP etc
  • Detailed, 17-page analysis of your style in making decisions, processing information, and organizing your life
  • Step II analysis takes Myers-Briggs to the next level beyond the basic reports, assessing your preferences on twenty additional facets of personality, such as Expressive, Experiential, Compassionate, and Original.
  • If you buy only one MBTI report, this is the one to get

MBTI Assessment + Step 1 Interpretive Report

Item: CPP-1001
  • Excellent introduction to Personality Type - perfect for beginners
  • Includes your 4 letter Personality Type code - INTJ, ISTP, INTP, ENTP etc
  • 6-page interpretive report is simple and easy to understand
  • For a more in-depth report clients prefer the Step II
  • This is the lowest cost MBTI


MBTI Assessment + Myers-Briggs Career Report

Item: CPP-1004
  • Take the official MBTI® assessment to discover your Myers-Briggs personality type and find a career you'll love
  • Explains how your personality type affects your choice of careers, your preferred work environment
  • Describes what your natural strengths and talents most likely are
  • Describes areas where you might be challenged more than others
  • Includes a ranked list of career areas that match your 4 letter personality type


Strong Interest Inventory Profile

Item: CPP-1010

The "Profile" is the most basic Strong report. All other Strong reports include the Profile.

The Profile is a 10 page report that provides:

  • Your General Occupation Theme Code (elsewhere known as your RIASEC Holland Code.) This is a one to three letter code which describes the type of work you are attracted to, based on your interests.
  • Charts showing how strong your interest level is for each occupational theme, compared to others of your gender - this shows whether you are extremely interested or only a little interested in a general career field.
  • Your "Basic Interests" which shows how interested you are in 30 general areas such as research, culinary, management, writing, science, medicine, sales, computers, etc.
  • "Occupational Interests" which uses simple charts to show how you match up with 130 specific careers.
  • The Profile report will give you several career ideas which you can then investigate.
  • This is the lowest cost Strong.


Strong Interest Inventory Profile + Interpretive Report

Item: CPP-1008
  • Contains everything in "The Profile" plus 9 pages of in-depth guidance and instructions on how to use the information
  • Provides interpretation of your General Occupational Theme Code (GOT). Your theme code which is the same as your Holland Code, is the key to understanding the types of work you might enjoy.
  • Describes the types of work you will probably NOT enjoy
  • Suggests careers you might want to look into
  • Describes your "career motivators"
  • Shows you details about your top 10 career matches, including typical daily tasks and activities
  • College and High School editions (shown below) contain specialized guidance for choosing your educational path, college major, and extracurricular activities


Strong Interest Inventory Profile + Interpretive Report + High School Profile

Item: CPP-1012
  • Contains everything in the Profile and the Interpretive Report, plus a special section focusing what you might want to do beyond high school
  • This report will show you the connection between your interests, careers, and the education you need for those careers.
  • But even better, this report will tell you where you can work and gain experience that is in-line with your interests and your RIASEC theme. This is very powerful.
  • Explores how you like to learn, work, and participate on teams
  • Describes how your interests relate to different careers and the tasks and activities in those careers
  • The Strong is appropriate for juniors and seniors in high school and older
  • Note: For younger students use our Career Interest Test, which is suitable for age 13 and up


Strong Interest Inventory Profile + Interpretive Report + College Profile     (CPP-1019)

Item: CPP-1019
  • Contains everything in the Profile and the Interpretive Report, plus a special section focusing what you might want to study in college
  • Lists the careers and college majors that match your interests
  • This report will show you the connection between your interests, careers, and the education you need for those careers.
  • For juniors and seniors in high school and college students


Sorry, due to our work load we are no longer offering the MBTI and the Strong


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Who Uses Our Assessments

  • The United Nations
  • Princeton University (USA)
  • Texas A&M University (TAMU)
  • Consultants around the world
  • Career coaches around the world
  • Delta Dental
  • Toyota
  • Walmart
  • Texas Instruments
  • Big Brothers & Big Sisters
  • Center for Creative Leadership, NC
  • Goodwill Industries
  • NASA
  • Stanford University, CA
  • Boston University
  • Edinburgh Napier University, UK
  • University of Sydney, AU
  • University of Maryland, MD
  • Nanyang Technological University
  • Purdue University
  • University of Georgia, GA
  • Pacific Gas and Electric, CA
  • Pacific University
  • Texas Lutheran University
  • US Air Force (USAF)
  • San Jacinto College, Texas
  • Dominican University of California
  • University of Kentucky
  • University of Central Florida
  • Oberlin College, OH
  • Merced College, CA
  • University of Padova, Italy
  • University of Nebraska, NB
  • Kutztown University 0f Pennsylvania, PA
  • San Bernardino Community College, CA
  • First Baptist Church
  • Champlain Valley Union High School
  • Garfield Middle School, OH
  • US Patent and Trademark Office
  • College Now
  • Free Form Consulting
  • University of Albany, NY
  • Elizabeth Town College, PA
  • Wycliffe Bible Translators
  • Heart Focus Counseling
  • Georgia Northwestern Technical College
  • Norton Norris Inc.
  • Northeastern University, MA
  • Luminis Advisors LLC
  • The Mindful Health Center
  • School of Art Inst. of Chicago
  • College Prep Mentoring
  • Forshay Coaching & Consulting
  • Turning Leaf Career Consulting
  • Cape Fear Community College, NC
  • Career LifeStyles
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  • Abilene Christian University, TX
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  • Prospect Human Services
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