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Richard "Dick" Knowdell

Richard "Dick" Knowdell has been training career coaches for many years. I took a recent class from him and enjoyed it immensely The people were great, and the material and exercises kept me so busy that time just flew by. I actually hated to see the class come to an end.

I should mention that Dick's class is very affordable. It's the sort of price you don't have to think very hard about.




What Are The Certifications?

Dick's 3 day career coach training class will allow you to earn two certifications:

"Job and Career Development Coach" (JCDC)

"Job and Career Transition Coach" (JCTC)

So Who Attends?

The class I attended was in San Jose, California, but Dick teaches around the world.

In the class I noticed a wide mix of attendees:

  • HR personnel who planned to use career coaching on the job
  • HR personnel who wanted to start up a side business doing career coaching
  • A number of independent career coaches - both experienced and newbies
  • Career coaches who provide coaching to American Indians
  • People that do outplacement
  • Guidance counselors from universities
  • A couple of folks from a large Chinese HR organization

What Are the Locations?

The locations vary each year, but I've seen Dick travel to these places:

  • Atlanta, Georgia USA
  • Troy, Michigan USA
  • Seoul, Korea
  • Beijing, China
  • Shanghai, China
  • Shenzhen, China
  • Alexandria, Virginia USA
  • Orlando, Florida USA
  • Boston, Massachusetts USA

Click here for his latest schedule and class outline.

If you have a different location where you would like to see the training, all you have to do is organize a group of 15 or more. Dick really enjoys travel and meeting new people.

What Do People Say About Dick Knowdell's Classes?

"Hi Dick,
I recently attended the Career Coach Workshop in Orlando, FL. I learned much and wanted to thank you for a great presentation.  Thank you and have a nice day!"

(J. Wood. Florida)


"Hello Dick,
I just want to drop you a note to say 'Thank you', for the awesome workshop. It was a great experience. I truly appreciate the coaching, the assessment tools and all the great tips you gave throughout the workshop. It was such a great networking opportunity and it solidified the fact that our team here is on par with many other organization throughout the nation. I am in the process of writing my recommendation regarding the workshop for our company, based on my wonderful experience, and I am sure you will be hearing from us in the near future regarding an onsite workshop here in Texas."

(S. Davis, Texas)


"Thanks for a terrific training program in Alexandria! I learned so much and apply these skills and perspectives in so many ways. Great group, too."
(P. V.)


"Thank you so much for the wonderful certification and class you put on in Orlando. It was an amazing amount of knowledge and practicality I am looking forward to using."

- H.S. Career Counselor at St. Ambrose University


"Dick, I could not condense it, but I want you to feel free to do so. The reason it is so long is that...I just can't say enough about the superior quality of this much needed training/certification course. Thanks for all that you are doing for our military folks and their families! " "Wow...what can I say I took the Job & Career Transition Coach Certification Workshop in 1995 and this training made the difference in my professional knowledge, skill and ability, but I must add it also made the difference in my personal job search techniques. It gave me the "cutting edge" in assisting retiring, separating military personnel and their spouses seeking employment. As a Workforce Development Specialist I retook the course in 2005 and sharpened my skills. As the Navy's Regional Education Service Coordinator we utilized this training to train our Family Employment Readiness Managers. I recommend this course to colleagues around the world who are interested in excelling in this field. Recently, a European training event, twenty of our Fleet and Family Service Center's Work and Family Life staffers were trained and certified by Dick Knowdell."

(US Navy in Italy)


"Dick, I got so much out of your training. I use your card sorts all the time, especially the motivated skills one. Even if I am only writing a resume for a client, we do the skills cards and it is a springboard for them to tell me their "SMART" stories. I work with women in our local Displaced Homemaker's program who come to me telling me they have no skills. After doing the skills cards, they are full of stories about their accomplishments and their self-esteem has been raised!! I noticed you now have Leisure cards-I'm definitely going to buy them so I can start working with our local pre-retirement population. Thanks again for all the materials and background information."

(K. D.)


"Dear Mr Knowdell,

As a Career Coach here in the UK, I utilize your excellent Values Card Sort as an integral tool in my career development toolkit with all of my clients. It has been a tremendous eye-opener for hundreds of people. I trained with Dick Bolles on his 'Parachute' workshop in Bend in 2000 and note that you're very well acquainted.

I use these excellent and proven tools to help my clients in the throes of outplacement, or some such career transition point, build a compendium of terms to help them self-diagnose and develop personal insight. Without doubt 'Values' kicks-up the biggest storm! And explains so much of the inadequacy that some people have felt in humdrum roles and poorly aligned careers.

Warm regards."

(D. B. UK)


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