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All About the ENTP Personality Type

Thomas Edison

Walt Disney
Creator of Disney Land and Mickey Mouse

Description of ENTPs

ENTP's are known as the "Inventor" or the originator of new ideas.

ENTP's are the idea people. Their unique perceptive abilities allow them to see new ideas and opportunities everywhere.

They thrive on new experiences of almost any kind.

They may appear cold and unsympathetic due to their natural tendency to be logical, objective and analytical.

ENTP's are quick both verbally and intellectually. They frequently enjoy a good argument just for the sport of it.

They are fairly thick skinned and are not easily offended.

ENTP's prefer not to have to manage or supervise others, but they will do it if they have to.

They are innovators and thus need a lot of freedom to do their job.

Routine tasks are certain death to ENTP's.

Starting projects is their forte, finishing projects is for someone else.

Extraverted, they prefer crowds over close relationships.

ENTPs prefer careers where:
  • Management allows people to be self directed
  • There are several opportunities to demonstrate competence
  • The culture appreciates fair but tough decision making
  • The work offers the opportunity to rapidly change direction and to respond to problems as they arise
  • The work is fun and allows for some spontaneity
  • The work allows you the opportunity to work with and meet a wide variety of people, rather than working alone most of the time
  • The work moves at a rapid, exciting pace
  • The environment and culture gives you opportunities to think through your ideas by talking about them
  • The work involves theory and speculation
  • The job is action oriented and provides for a wide variety of activities rather than being highly focused on a few tasks
  • The work involves creativity, imagination and a creative approach to problem solving
  • The work involves looking beyond the present i.e. future possibilities, future products, future actions
  • The work is not limited to what exists today but involves "what may be" and "what could be"
  • The work allows you to utilize your natural ability to analyze and make objective, logical decisions
  • The environment allows for freedom and flexibility and is loosely structured without too many rules

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