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All About the ISFJ Personality Type

Princess Diana
The People's Princess

Mother Teresa
Advocate and helper of the poor, Nobel Peace Prize 1979

Description of ISFJs

ISFJ's are known as the "Defenders" or the "Protectors" of the 16 types.

Their prime motivation is to serve others.

They are sympathetic, warm, caring and easy to get to know.

They constantly take in and store information about people and situations that is important to them.

This store of information is usually very accurate, because ISFJ's have exceptional memories, especially when it comes to their value system.

Strong memory for facts, faces, details.

Usually excellent follow up skills.

ISFJ's handle routine tasks well.

Introverted, they prefer deeper relationships with a few rather than to have crowds of superficial acquaintances.

ISFJs prefer careers where:
  • Management provides specific and realistic directions
  • The work offers plenty of opportunities to make decisions
  • You are able to maintain control over your projects
  • You can apply your natural ability to focus and concentrate, rather than multitasking
  • The environment, culture and pace allow you to consider things fully before having to respond
  • The work allows you to work at a careful steady pace
  • The work allows you adequate private time to work alone and to concentrate
  • The work is realistic, down to earth, and practical, rather than abstract and theoretical
  • The work allows you to utilize your strong memory to recall details, facts, and people
  • The work is focused on the Now not the Future, on what is rather than what could be
  • The atmosphere allows you to be warm and caring and to build strong interpersonal relationships
  • The work allows you to utilize your natural ability to provide others with direction and supervision
  • The environment is more structured and disciplined, being on time and following procedure is considered important

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