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Who Knows Best When It Comes to Resumes?

There is a lot of resume advice out there, but you rarely get advice from top executives and hiring managers.

When it comes to writing resumes you will find many different opinions as to style, format, length, hiding age, gaps, job titles etc.

How do you know who to believe?

You could ask recruiters (headhunters) about resumes, however their perspective is slightly skewed. They don’t actually hire people. They don’t make hiring decisions. They don’t have to work with the candidate once they’ve been hired. They don’t get to see who does well in their job and who turns out to be a “bad hire.” So recruiters get to see only part of the picture.

You could ask friends and coworkers what makes up a great resume, but unless they have hired hundreds of people, their perspective may indeed be based on “what they heard” rather than what really works.

What about a person who has read thousands of resumes?

A person who not only reads these resumes but also interviews hundreds of people. A person who then makes the final hiring decision. Doesn’t this person have the best perspective on what makes a good resume? That’s why we believe the hiring manager in a fast growing company where they have been doing a lot of recruiting is the person who knows best when it comes to resumes.

Plus, the hiring manager has to actually work with the newly hired candidate, day in and day out, so they get to see if they made a good hire. Therefore the high volume hiring manager usually knows what works best when it comes to resumes.

Write your resume with the HIRING MANAGER in mind

The hiring manager decides whether to interview you or not. The hiring manager most likely becomes your boss. Even if your resume is read by a Human Resource (HR) person, a recruiter or headhunter, these people are “gatekeepers.” Your resume must get their interest so they forward it to the hiring manager.

Again, the hiring manager makes the decision of whether you get an interview and whether you get a job offer. If you write for the hiring manager you automatically take care of most HR folks and most recruiters.

Our perspective at is that of the high-volume hiring manager
However, there is one very unique perspective hiring managers normally do not have. Hiring managers throw away over 95% of the resumes they receive. Unfortunately, they never get a chance to meet those people. So they never get to put a face on the resumes that didn’t make it.

At we do match people with those resumes

In our 1-Hour Career Jump Start service, we get to know (over the phone or over Skype) the candidate whose resume is not working for them.

Most of the people we meet are much more talented and skillful than their resume suggests. Most of our 1-Hour Career Jump Start clients have resumes that do not show the hiring manager how good they are.

The motivation for writing this book is to show how good you are

We’ve studied the resumes of some top resume writers in America. These are folks who charge $1,500 to $4,000 for resumes. No kidding. People pay that much.

Finally, we’ve studied several books on resume writing looking for anything new and better we should offer you in this guide.

By combining the perspective of the hiring manager, with that of the career coach and the professional resume writer, we offer you the secrets that allow you to build the Perfect Resume. A resume designed to get the attention of the hiring manager.

So let’s get inside the mind of the hiring manager, shall we?


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Resume Templates and How To Write The Perfect Resume - eBook Cover Photo

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Resume Templates and How To Write The Perfect Resume - eBook Cover Photo
Click here for the
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