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Personality Type Coaching Session

Phone Based Help To Answer Your "Personality Type" Questions

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Do you have any questions about your 4 letter Personality Type?

After taking a Personality Type test, many people will feel like they fit 2 or 3 of the types and they want help deciding on the right type.

Everyone has only one personality type. It's critical you know what yours is.

If you are unsure of your type, or you have questions regarding the Personality Type System, based on the work of Myers and Briggs and Carl Jung, this phone / Skype based coaching session is for you.

How Does It Work?

Simple. You place an order. When we see the order we will contact you via email to set up an appointment.

Then we will call you at the appropriate time.

Or, if it's urgent, you can call us on our toll free number:

1-800-890-2591 from 10 AM to 6 PM California time.

Please note, this is NOT a full Career Coaching Session. This session will be focused on making sure you have the correct 4 letter personality type. If you want to ask career questions, you should use one of our phone or Skype based Career Counseling Packages.

What Will You Get From The Session?

Each session lasts 55 minutes.

If there is time left over, we can also address any career questions you may have.

First we will go through your Personality Test Results and explain your scores.

Then we will make sure you have the your correct personality type. We do that by asking you special questions and then listening very carefully for clues.

We use the "Cognitive Function" approach to Personality Type rather than the "By The Letters" approach that most people were trained in. This approach is based on Dr. John Beebe's recent work. Dr. Beebe is a well known Jungian analyst in the San Francisco Bay area.

The old "By the Letters" approach which is based on dichotomies rather than cognitive functions turned out to be wrong about half the time. Yet, as far as I know, people were still being trained in that method up until recently.

In most cases, when we are done you will know for sure what your 4 letter Personality Type is. However, some people prefer to sleep on it for awhile.

We also include this Personality Type coaching in our Career Counseling sessions.


If you haven't done so, you can take our Free Personality Test now. It takes less than 15 minutes.

Personality Type Coaching Session
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Founder and Chief Career Coach