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"... I am just trying to make the best career decision possible, because once I make this jump, I'm hoping it will be my last.  So, whatever I choose, I've got to make it work....  By the way, you're career test was the best I have taken. "  (From J.S., a 34 year old career changer in Texas)

"Thank you for the insight that your Career Planning report gave me.By highlighting my interest in Artistic activities (in addition to my interest in Investigative activities which I was already aware of), you prompted me to explore and nurture my creative side, resulting in the production of my first music CD! You also made me aware of the necessity of ensuring that my career, while primarily technical, still includes a creative element."  (From D.F. a software engineer in Southern California)

"Counselors are pumped about the merits of this test. I showed them a student's results. I hope to get all 125 kids tested. I will link your site from teacher web links page. No one has ever thought about testing at this level. I owe ya!" (from S.L. a middle school teacher in Texas)

"...I've also recommended the test to a friend." (From J.B.)

"Thank you very much, I will recommend CareerPlanner.com to others."
(From N.R.)

"Thanks for the information.  I found the test results to be extremely helpful and timely.  I will refer you to others."  (From S.R.)

"You have given me a more select and definitive list of occupations that I can research." (From D.B.)
"I was surprised to find that there are so many more careers that I feel I am capable of doing."  (From N.R.)

"It confirmed what I intuitively sensed."  (From J.B.)

"I was very pleased and felt I got my money's worth."  (From R.T.)

"The test results were fast and I think it is wonderful to be able to have this kind of support over the Internet.  Thank you so much."  (From D.B. )

"Very prompt and extremely trouble free."  (From N.R.)

"I was very pleased and felt I got my money's worth."  (From R.T.)

"First off, THE TEST. I must say this, finally, there is a test, with results, that make sense. This report actually told me something that I could do something with. I have taken other online tests, including Dr. Holland's version of the self Assessment. In each of those experiences I noted two things; first, that the information gathered, though valuable in general terms, had little if any application in the year 2003. What I mean is, technology, modern artistic value, and other newer aged terms and circumstances are allowed for in the Career Planner test, where in the other versions, nothing relating to the PRESENT DAY work force was addressed, therefore, my assessment in the technical (as it related to general...) fields was absent. Long story short...THANKS. You have a test that truly is a cut above."
(From A.H.)

"Great! Thanks for the results! It all made perfect sense and was quite interesting. Especially realizing I am completely in the wrong career. No wonder I am miserable."  (From J.D.)

"By the way, my daughter's career test results came back. They were pretty much right on the money, (what mom already told her but she didn't believe!! )"  (From J.F., a concerned parent)



"Thank you for offering such an amazing service. I had been unhappy with my career for several years but I did not know what to change. Your career test showed me that I was doing the wrong type of work for someone with my interests and values. Now I know what it is I want to do."


Happy customer giving testimonial

"CareerPlanner.com's career test pointed the way for me to make a major change in my career."


Satisfied Career Test customer

"I've had all my 9th grade students take your career test to help them figure out what type of work they will enjoy."


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"Your career test gave me the confidence to make a major career change that I had been dreaming about for years."


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"Because of your career guidance test I did not have to change college majors like so many of my classmates did. This saved my parents one full year of college tuition."