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Personality Test Results - Most Recent 5,000 Test Takers

By Michael T. Robinson

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Yes, that's true.

We are offering the CareerPlanner Personality Test for Free.

It will tell you your 4 letter personality type. i.e. are you an INTJ, or a ESTJ, or maybe a ISFP? There are 16 distinct personality types. Which are you?

It is FREE. No joke. No strings attached.

Why Free? Read on...

Our Last 5000 Test Takers Had These Personality Types

What Type Are You?


462 / 5000 =


566 / 5000 =


224 / 5000 =


370 / 5000 =


416 / 5000 =


721 / 5000 =


466 / 5000 =


397 / 5000 =


153 / 5000 =


375 / 5000 =


278 / 5000 =


148 / 5000 =


100 / 5000 =


169 / 5000 =


83 / 5000 =


72 / 5000 =

(% on the top represents our test results)
(% in brackets represents the population in general using MBTI data )


What's a Personality Type Test good for anyway?

  • Personality Type explains why people are so different
  • Personality Type explains why you have trouble with certain people
  • Knowing about Type can help you become better at persuading others
  • Personality Type helps you figure out your boss and coworkers
  • Knowing your Personality Type allows you to know yourself better
  • Personality Type can tell you which careers will satisfy you the most


CAUTION: Before you take our Free Personality Test, read this...

Our personality test is 100% FREE.

There are no advertisements in the test, so you will not be distracted.

After taking the test you will know your 4 letter Personality Type (for FREE).

After taking the test you will have the option to purchase specific reports that are based on your Personality Type. This is totally optional. You do not have to buy anything to find out what your Personality Type is.

However, you will find out just how powerful this Personality Type stuff can be, only when you purchase our reports or read some of the leading books on Type.


Why do we give such a valuable test away for FREE?

Our Personality Test took us years of research and development to produce. It's extremely accurate and powerful.

We hope that after you take the free test and you learn more about your personality type, you will want to get more specific information such as:

  1. Which careers match your Personality Type and why?
  2. Which careers people with your Personality Type should avoid at all costs?
  3. How do you work with other Personality Types?
  4. Which Personality Types will you have the most difficulty getting along with?
  5. Which Personality Types are you the most compatible with?
  6. What natural strengths come with your Personality Type?
  7. What weaknesses do people with your Personality Type typically have?

Currently we have two paid reports that you can purchase if you want.

The first is called the Personality Type Career Mapper. It provides the answers to questions 1 and 2 listed above.

The second report is called the Advanced Personality Type Career Report. This report will answer all 7 questions and much more.

Why aren't all of our reports FREE?

I know people on the internet have come to expect everything for free.

But, if you want quality information that can help you improve your life and make you more successful, you might just have to pay for it.

Besides, our reports cost less than going to the movies and buying popcorn and candy.

So what price do you put on information, insight and knowledge that will change your life?

It's your choice. Successful people know they have to invest in themselves to get ahead.


Here’s to finding your best career direction,


Michael T. Robinson
Founder & Career Coach


Take our Free CareerPlanner Personality Test Now



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