"ENTP" Themes and Relationships

By Linda V. Berens Ph.D. and Dario Nardi Ph.D.

Personality Type:    ENTP - Explorer Inventor
Temperament:   Theorist (NT)
Interaction Style*:    Get-Things-Going
Likely Social Style: Expressive

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ENTP Snapshot

  • Theme is inventing, finding ingenious solutions to people and technical problems.
  • Talents lie in developing ideas into functional and innovative applications that are the first of their kind.
  • Thrive on finding new ways to use theories to make systems more efficient and people better off.
  • Hunger for new projects.
  • Have faith in their ability to instantly come up with new approaches that will work.
  • Engineers of human relationships and systems as well as in the more scientific and technological domains.

Themes and Relationships
for each Personality Type
by Linda V. Berens, Ph.D.
and Dario Nardi, Ph.D.**


ENTP Theme

For Explorer Inventors, life is a process of being inventive, finding new ways to conceptualize problems. They want to find ingenious solutions that really resolve problems, not just fix them. They see the world through many lenses, from multiple perspectives using multiple models. They enjoy the creative process. New ideas and really creative, unusual, and efficient solutions often flood their awareness. Many of these ideas are way ahead of the times, and Explorer Inventors trust their instincts to strategically formulate success to get there. They are talented at building prototypes and launching projects. To not be able to share their insights about life’s possibilities is a real energy drain. It is even worse to not have the ability to achieve success with those ideas.

In the interpersonal realm they have a way of trying to be diplomatic, of understanding where people are coming from. They like to be original in a way that everybody can use or benefit from. Ever the inviting host, they bring people together, wanting them to be at ease and to stimulate interesting conversations. They love the drama of the give and take, the lively debate, the vicissitudes of life.

Their thought processes tend to be abstractly random, often with very little concrete data seeking. They quickly conceptualize and hypothesize potentialities that are seemingly unrelated to the facts at hand yet turn out to be extremely relevant. They seek to understand the principles that underlie a process, seeing patterns and connections to the principles so quickly that others might think they’ve “made up” the answer, yet more often than not, that answer is right. The drive for understanding leads to a pattern of lifelong learning, both formally and informally.

They readily apply their talent for using a metastrategy (strategy about strategy) to solve problems and to reach goals in their relationships—personal and professional. They are often surprised when strategizing relationships becomes problematic. Others haven’t agreed to the problem-solving role and are just seeking to relate and often don’t recognize and appreciate the good intentions of the Explorer Inventor.

ENTP Relationships

For Explorer Inventors, relationships are about generating and sharing ideas, interest, and activities. There is usually an easy first connection, and many love to travel all over, meeting new people and new cultures. They need to know the history and turning points of a person’s life to really get to know someone. Stories and memories of past experiences make them feel connected. Since their relationships often revolve around a sharing of ideas, at some point they may wind up feeling inadequate or even stupid. If they are not feeling confident at that time, they may jump to critiquing the relationship. Sometimes mutual sharing can become competitive and not as fun for the other person. On the plus side, they are good at connecting with people and aligning with them, getting to know them and being a catalyst, seeing a lot of potentials in other people’s activities, often more than those people can see.

In their close relationships, they often do a lot of problem solving, centering around creativity and imagination. They are very entrepreneurial, even in relationships, and may feel underappreciated for their brilliance. They judge the relationship by the way they experience the other person. They may have intense feelings inside but have a hard time expressing their emotions. They often think they’ve conveyed their emotions, but in reality, the partner remains in the dark about how they really feel. They tend to be very partner oriented, helpful, and supportive.

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