"ISFP" Themes and Relationships

By Linda V. Berens Ph.D. and Dario Nardi Ph.D.

Personality Type:    ISFP - Composer Producer
Temperament:   Improvisor (SP)
Interaction Style*:    Behind-the-Scenes
Likely Social Style: Amiable

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ISFP Snapshot

  • Theme is composing, using whatever is at hand to get a harmonious, aesthetic result.
  • Talents lie in combining, varying, and improvising, frequently in the arts but also in business and elsewhere.
  • With their senses keenly tuned in they become totally absorbed in the action of the moment, finding just what fits the situation or the composition.
  • Thrive on having the freedom to vary what they do until they get just the right effect.
  • Take action to help others and demonstrate values.
  • Kind and sensitive to the suffering of others.

Themes and Relationships
for each Personality Type
by Linda V. Berens, Ph.D.
and Dario Nardi, Ph.D.**


ISFP Theme

For Composer Producers, life is a process of taking advantage of opportunities and being free to do so is like a dream come true. They somehow know how to stick with what’s important and not sell out to the opportunities.

They seem to tap into what is extremely important to others and to themselves. They are the ones who listen to what others want and somehow pull together what is just right to get them just what they wanted, maybe even more than was expressed. It all looks so easy that others often underestimate what went into it. They have an amazing talent for creative problem solving and take a great deal of pleasure in helping people solve problems.

In their thought processes they are constantly composing. From their continual, random scanning of available resources, they find just the right idea, color, action, line, word, and so on to pull together a cohesive whole. Then they tinker with it until it feels like what is needed. They often get so absorbed in the creative moment, perfecting the piece, they can lose track of time.

They enjoy building relationships and attracting the loyalties of others while at the same time being their own true self. To not have their own personal style—to be boxed in and not be free to be however they see is needed in the moment—is worse than death to them. They will go to great lengths to avoid being pigeonholed and labeled. It is very important to them to play against the expectations others have of them, yet they often wind up exceeding those expectations when left to their own devices.

Interpersonally, their ability to build relationships can hide their intense need for privacy. And the challenge is always to balance freedom with connection.

They often struggle with nurturing their own selfesteem and sometimes needlessly beat up on themselves. Others may not even notice their struggle because their style is so quiet and unassuming.

ISFP Relationships

For Composer Producers, relationships are about camaraderie—having fun doing things together, interacting, and yet also being free. What’s important is the sense of friendship, being able to say anything or say nothing and not have to think about or check what they’re doing to get another’s approval. Some things are just too deep for words. They judge someone on actions, and if others are good to them, then they’re good in return. They trust people who aren’t going to manipulate and hurt them. They can be very accommodating and agreeable, loyal and sympathetic. They need autonomy and will do what they can to accommodate others; feeling trapped may come suddenly. They want to do what they want to do and may see that as selfish of themselves. Yet they will follow through on a commitment, even though they wind up feeling trapped. They don’t need to know that much about a person; being personal is not about self-disclosing but about helping. They listen to establish trust and then turn around and try to help the person. A big negative for them is when the other person never does anything with the help they offer. They are impatient with that.

In their close relationships, they are open to relationships but slow to commit. They commit if it’s important to the other person and they get a feeling of a partnership. And then they are loyal, as long as they have some freedom. They don’t like to constantly talk about the relationship; they assume if it’s good today, then it will still be good tomorrow. Sometimes they feel like the other person just needs to give talking a rest and enjoy doing things together.

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